What SIP providers are you using?


Just curious as to which SIP trunk providers you are using with the UCM and overall satisfaction / quality.

I have tried multiple, but largely have been using VOIP.MS, which definitely on the budget end of the spectrum. Overall, they have been great, though a few times a month, it seems there are random completion errors, or it takes a while to establish a call, and really only when calling more rural numbers…


Les.net and Babytel.ca


We are a re-seller of SIP services and have used and worked with many providers.

We are fans of nexvortex and Coredial. Both of which we offer.

voip.ms and flowroute we help people with often and do work well enough, but they don’t have the most responsive tech support when there is an issue.


I use VoiceMeUp in Quebec and Babytel in Ontario.


We use Gamma and BT here