What Line Type Do I Use So I can Answer Other Lines On My Phone?


Hello everyone,

I have a few phones in my office and one of my employees is out. I have all the lines set to BLFs on the right side of the desk phone LCD screen which are GXP2170s. When ever someone is receiving a call, everyone can see the employee’s line ringing. I want to be able to hit the button for that employee’s line and answer their call at my desk. Which line type do I select, or how do I set this up? Thank you.


BLF, but that must be supported by PBX.
Maybe you also need change BLF pickup code to correct (PBX settings).


I am using a UCM 6510 - what is the correct pickup code?


By default it is ** (it is added correctly in phone by default) unless you changed.

Set one more thing on phone (force) - reported this as bug:


Is that on tge phone interface or the ucm?