What kind of Analog Phones are the best to use with FXS Gateway?


I am new here.
We have old Toshiba regular PBX with 15 phones (single pair ph lines)
I want to setup a IP PBX but still want to use those single pair lines.
So the best solution I would think is to use FXS Gateway (16 ports).
I know the current phones might not be compatible. So what kind of analog or digital (not IP) phones are the best to connect to the gateway without losing the functionality of office environment phone. In other words, I want to have those analog/digital phones’s functionality as close as the IP phones.



we are in 2019, a basic IP phone costs roughly as much as an analog phone and has many more options,
If the network infrastructure allows it, I’d put all the IP phones on.


You Toshiba phones may not be analog, but digital. If they had buttons on them that allowed more than one call to come in, a button to transfer and other functionality, then they were almost assuredly not analog.

Analog phones are typically those found in homes and hotel rooms. There functionality is limited by what the PBX dial codes support as there are no buttons by which to implement most of the common functions found in IP phones.

I agree with Damiano in that, if you are are looking at new analog phones and having to get a gateway to make them work, you should consider looking at some of the lower cost GS IP phones. The degree of call handling efficiency with an IP phone is far better than any analog phone which over time will more than make up any cost differential.

If cabling is the issue, then you may need to look at wireless IP phones as an alternative,


Thank you. Our Infrastructure is a bit limited to change to VoIP because buildings are far away and trenching is expensive. So that’s why I would like to use on the current single pairs.


there is a “computer” connection between the buildings


Yes. There is a network connection between 1000 ft using Ethernet extender over a single twisted pair. Speed is about 60 Mbps but not quite stable I guess. The line drop a few times randomly around 15 mins ~ 1 hr. So if users are using file sharing, web browsing on the same line, VoIP lines might have difficulties or drop. I am thinking QoS switches in between too.


Is there any way we can use digital phone with the gateway to get more functionality? I don’t know much about the phone stations. I think some phones use with Traditional PBX are digital kind of. I am wondering if those phones will work with FXS gateway.


only analogue telephones


we use this solution often in schools , you can only use analoge phones and they should be the most basic type
call transfer is a challange you have to use hook flash method other than you will have call recording voicemail ect has all these are handled by your ucm


We use analog phones and a gateway to connect them to current VoIP systems in many circumstances and it has worked well with every standard analog phone we have tried.

From a cost standpoint, it is cheaper by just a little to keep them in place rather than replacing. But not by much.
The cost of configuring and connecting them is just as much money as rewiring and installing VoIP phones.

The instances where we didn’t take the new option were in old heavy concrete buildings where rewiring just wasn’t an option.

Either way, we can help if you have questions or need support.