What is the difference between setting radio settings to be on Auto VS Dynamically assigned by RRM?


I have noticed that in GWN cloud I can enable “Dynamically assigned by RRM” and “Auto” for various radio settings. What is the difference, and which is better/easier for a home network. I live in a suburb there are not a lot of wifi’s around. I have 3 GWN7610 installed around my house and want it to work as smooth as “possible”?


I don’t know the difference between “Dynamically Assigned” and “Auto”, so hopefully someone will chime in.

But in principle, these kinds of settings (and similar settings with other manufacturers) probably are not optimal, unless you are for some reason moving your GWN units around a lot.

In principle, you should find settings that work well for your GWNs and connected devices, and set your radio transmit power as low as it can be to cover the area. It may take some time and experimentation, but in the end I bet it will work better than any “Auto” or “Dynamically Assigned” settings.


It is explained in the user manual (now): https://documentation.grandstream.com/knowledge-base/gwn76xx-user-manual/ in the radio section