What is the best way to add an existing phone (GXP21xx) to GDMS


What is the best way to add a GXP21xx phone on an existing system with older firmware to GDMS?

So far I have found that I have to upgrade the firmware to the current firmware ( and that was expected. However so far the only way I’ve gotten the phone to connect to GDMS is to Factory Reset the phone.

Is there a better way?


Add the TR-069 settings, copy them from a resetted GXP.

The ACS URL is needed. It is set by default and that’s why it only appears after a reset.


Set Tr-069 ? :slight_smile:
By default it is empty after upgrade.
Problem is with MAC as it is unique.


Is anything needed in the Password field?


I do not think so.
Hard to guess as it is not show, need check P in ssh :slight_smile:

I think empty as no pass is set.


Dear user,

Thank you for using GDMS platform! If your GXP device was upgraded from an old firmware version, you may not have the correct URL in TR-069 page since the URL is restored in NVRAM, so users may need to do an extra reset. Or, the user could copy/paste the URL in Web UI manually to associate the device with GDMS platform. The only thing users need to do to associate the device with GDMS platform is to put the ACS URL in the device.

Thank you!