What is header on UCM6208 motherboard for?


ok I have a few UCM’s which the memory is going to read-only. looks like its been a bit of a common problem and i’m dreading more of my customer are going to go this way. So i’m trying to work out a fix.

so i’m assuming the Sandisk NAND is the issue and if i replace it well have a good chip again however i’ll somehow need to reload software so i need to SCP the existing software or if i can get into grub i can create user to rebuild nand.

so i need either an rs232 connection or a monitor port.

now i assume the header on the mainboard is probably a VGA port so trying to get information so i can try and work out whats going on.

any one able to help.



hello dear, i have same problem with UCM in my country.
so if you change flash memory how will you load the kernel on it ?


well if i the header is vga i’m hoping i can access grub then get root access and copy what on it already. otherwise i’m hoping that recover is in the bios as recovery seem to load very quickly (pre post) if that is the case we can load it via recovery. i’m getting no help from anyone as they simply say they have no advice for hardware recovery.

the issue seem to be common as there is a lot of forums and post around.


This is a user-to-user support forum. For hardware issues you really need to open a help desk ticket with Grandstream.


I doubt GS would provide any support on this. I certainly wish I had some experience I could offer but I don’t.

I’m disappointed by the lack of refurbishing as I assume a lot of hardware has been trashed and I don’t know if it’s getting e-recycled.

Good luck.


Can you post of picture of what you’re asking about?



as a reseller i tried that path first. after testing their official response was " we do not have a procedure for hardware rectification check with your distributor regards RMA"
as my two are out of warranty and seeing that other people have had similar issues i’m assuming this isn’t going to be a one off and i have a lot of grandstream UCM62XX system in the field and i cannot replace them at my cost due to a fault and i can’t continue to sell them if i think they are going to stop working after 2 years.

other Vendor phone system we have worked with have had similar issues in the past and they simply erased the flash and the buikt the file system again and the issue was resolved.

the scary thing is the sandisk sdin7dp2-4g chip which is the Nand flash for the system is discontinued i can still get some stock but i have to buy entire companies stock as they are trying to offload. so i want to see if this work before i buy rolls of the chip.

Andrew Maher


Attached is a photo identifying the header this is also on the 6208.

Andrew Maher