What is coverage?


In the home I have 3 GWN7610. I probably don’t need 3 but they all work, with 2 on Cat6 cable and 1 in Mesh.
The specs. for the GWN7610 state Coverage is 175 metres. What does this mean? Is it square metres or perhaps the diameter of a circle in metres? I have not found a web site which explains what coverage is.


Real tests must be done in the field


I do understand. My question was more about what does 175 metres mean as a measurement?


175 meters is a theoretical measure, if between the A.P. and your mobile phone (for example) there is no obstacle, the distance can reach 175 meters.
If there is a wall in the middle, the distance can go down to 120 meters, if there are 3 walls and 1 glass, 50 meters for example and so on (each different material has a different impact on the diffusion of the wifi signal (on the web you will find what you are looking for ), so you need to know how many and what obstacles there may be to get an idea,
a tip, never trust the “should be”, but do the real tests in the field if you don’t want to have surprises afterwards.

Good job.