What if you don't want to use it as a bluetooth speaker?


It seems clear that the device was mainly intended to be an external speaker paied to an existing Grandstream phone over bluetooth. This is not our expected use scenario and was not tested. In our case, it would primarily be used for overhead paging, intercom purposes, and as replacements for things like electronic bells/loudspeakers in schools and emergency services such as fire and ambulance bases. This means a lot of the features that it has will go unused, and a lot of the features we need are not there:

  • We’d like to play our own tone for answering calls, based on CID. This can be used for tone-based announcements where the tone is more important than the message.
  • We need a flush-mount ceiling/wall option rather than looking like a giant Google Home Mini glued to the wall.
  • We need the ability to daisy chain audio out to PA speakers to avoid having to use IPPBX-based group paging techniques (multicast paging likely won’t work for this scenario either)
  • There are others

A big win would be flush-mount capabilities, however, as we could start putting these into customer’s sites today if they could be made to go IN the wall instead of ON the wall.



Thank you for all your feedback, we will noted all of these feedback. This device was intended to be a Paging / Multicast device and also can be used as an output bluetooth speaker if you connect it against bluetooth devices.

We are working toward on this feature as well.

Thank you,