What if you do want to use it as a bluetooth speaker?


We paired it with a cell phone and placed a call. Almost immediately after we hung up, it lost BT connection. It may have been our phone’s fault. We repaired it and it stayed connected. We then played some music through it from the phone’s music app. It worked okay, but it seemed like the max volume wasn’t very loud.

Compare this to the REALLY LOUD audio when on a call, and it seems like this isn’t right. It would be nice to have a volume control (even if it’s just in the web page) that’s available when the device is playing BT audio of any sort. Ideally, it would be a volume switch on the device itself, as indicated in other posts.



If you are using it as an output bluetooth speaker, the volume will be controlled from the bluetooth device. For your scenario, the volume will be control from your cell phone.


Yes, we know. However, using a 808 Canz BT speaker from the phone makes things VERY loud. Using the GSC3510 from the phone makes things…mostly medium. Compared to normal call volume, it’s lower.



We will note your request to increase the volume of the GSC3510 when its used as a BT speaker.



I found the audio level to be “normal” without changing any settings when using my phone to play audio through the speaker via Bluetooth. I’m using Android on Google Pixel phone.