What are the ports and addresses that are needed / Cuáles son los puertos y direcciones que se necesitan


Good morning, I am in the situation of placing a UCM6302 in a NOC, and I would need to know the ports and addresses that would be needed and if there is any ideal configuration that I should configure before placing it in the NOC. At the moment I have a phone directed by IP and another 2 by GDMS. Everything is by default, what ports and addresses are necessary to enable them in the NOC?

I am also looking for help for the security of the transmission, how to do it and carry it out. Since Grandstream Support told me that it is vulnerable but didn’t teach me how to make it secure.

I thank you in advance for your time!

Buenos dias, me encuentro en la situacion de colocar una UCM6302 en un NOC, y necesitaria saber los puertos y direcciones que se necesitaria y si hay alguna configuracion ideal que deberia de configurar antes de colocarlo en el NOC. Por el momento tengo un telefono dirijido por IP y otros 2 por GDMS. Todo esta por deault, Que puertos y direcciones son necesarios habilitarlos en el NOC?

Tambien busco ayuda para la seguridad de la transmision, como hacerla y llevarla acabo. Ya que Grandstream Support me dijo que es vulnerable pero no me ensenio como volverlo seguro.

Desde ya se los agradezco por su tiempo!


use remote connect and you won’t need to do any port forwarding



I had a talk with a help desk support who told me that if I was going to perform for UCMRC, I needed to enable the ports and addresses in the noc (which sent me a list of public addresses, which I don’t need, in any case I would only use the ones I configured) and the other is that when using UCMRC the calls are between client and extension or from extension to extension, they are visible on the internet, this could be inefficient against future attacks.

Maybe I’m wrong, I’m new and the truth is that it confuses me a lot that in suppot they recommend something to me and then in forums they tell me the opposite. I get lost.

Thank you!


UCM630X the remote connect function has been integrated as described above.
So you don’t have to do any NAT, therefore security should be preserved,
if you want to open ports (RTP and SIP) based on the ones you set, I suggest you do it exclusively in ACL if you don’t want to suffer fraudulent attacks.

If you are a beginner, I recommend that you contact a local professional


Dear user,

Thank you for all your feedback! As Damiano claimed, users need to configure TURN/STUN server in your UCM device, or use UCMRC plan so you don’t have to do any NAT, otherwise, you cannot use the penetration services. Please refer to our official website to obtain more details about UCMRC. Thanks for your testing!


Thank you!