Welcome to the GVC3212 Beta


Hello insiders,

Whether you were chosen to receive a unit or you’re just popping in to get to know the new product a little bit more and ask the testers about it, you can find everything about the GVC3212 beta here!

Please use this forum board to:

  1. Report bugs and feedback
  2. Ask questions about the GVC3212
  3. Discuss how you feel about the device performance/spec wise

You can access the draft datasheet for the device HERE .

The draft quick installation guide is also available HERE.

As a reminder, these datasheets and documents are NDA material and should not be shared with anyone outside of the Insider program.

A quick note for our testers:
You will receive an email with a survey link when all the units have shipped. The beta test survey questions will be answered there.



hi @bvanmeter,
as written in another post unfortunately the GVC3210 arrived is unusable, too many problems, it is better to wait at least for the next fw.

(I think I understand that not only do I have these problems)


Just recieved the 3212 in the mail…little confused, can the device not be plugged into a computer using a USB-A to USB-A cable and be used as a USB Video conferencing unit?


Any idea when we will get our units?


I have been testing the unit on and off, and what I always find frustrating is the delay in the video, when everyone talking is more “fluid” I have had delays that range from 5 to 15 seconds on my own video.

It is running the latest firmware


It would be good if the GVC3212’s- 1x auto-sensing RJ45 10/100 Mbps Ethernet port also supports POE, so that it can be powered optionally by POE or the universal power supply.


Yes, that would be nice, but as always, there will probably be nothing left to change the hardware or the case itself. The only thing that can still be changed or improved during the beta phase is probably purely software-based.
Here, too, it depends on what the hardware actually has in terms of performance and possibilities.
In any case, the current state is by no means usable.
At the moment I do not see any real advantage over a reasonable webcam. Hopefully, if the device should be suitable for everyday use, the use with IPvideotalk remains at least without monthly costs.
Otherwise, customers would probably rather buy a decent webcam that can then be used for more things.


Hi @Allenspeed,

Thank you for testing on GVC3212. Please kindly find improvements in firmware



have been discussing the lack of USB functionality here:…its a tad frustrating.