Welcome to the GVC3212 Beta


Hello insiders,

Whether you were chosen to receive a unit or you’re just popping in to get to know the new product a little bit more and ask the testers about it, you can find everything about the GVC3212 beta here!

Please use this forum board to:

  1. Report bugs and feedback
  2. Ask questions about the GVC3212
  3. Discuss how you feel about the device performance/spec wise

You can access the draft datasheet for the device HERE .

The draft quick installation guide is also available HERE.

As a reminder, these datasheets and documents are NDA material and should not be shared with anyone outside of the Insider program.

A quick note for our testers:
You will receive an email with a survey link when all the units have shipped. The beta test survey questions will be answered there.



hi @bvanmeter,
as written in another post unfortunately the GVC3210 arrived is unusable, too many problems, it is better to wait at least for the next fw.

(I think I understand that not only do I have these problems)


Just recieved the 3212 in the mail…little confused, can the device not be plugged into a computer using a USB-A to USB-A cable and be used as a USB Video conferencing unit?


Any idea when we will get our units?