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This is an OPEN beta for the new Grandstream Device Management System


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in my opinion it is necessary to delete the serial input, the MAC already seems to me a unique code that may suffice.

GDMS Beta!

Dear user,

Thanks for using GDMS platform! When users try to associate the device with GDMS platform, we design to ask users to enter both MAC address and SN. If only inputting MAC, it may not be safe for users to link the device since the MAC addresses have a certain discipline. In order to be responsible to users, it is recommended to input both SN and MAC address to associate the device with GDMS platform.

Thank you!


I think it needs an AP like gwn to scan mac and sn


Dear user,

Thank you for using GDMS platform! This feature request is in our road map, and we will add this improvement in GDMS future release.

Thank you!