Welcome to the Grandstream Beta Club Forum for the GRP2614 Carrier-Grade IP Phone


Welcome to the Grandstream Beta Club Forum! As a Beta Club member, this forum is where you should post suggestions, product enhancements and additional features.
Guidelines for Use:

Please use the sub categories to make forum posts. This will aid in the organization of the forum.

- Hardware

Exterior design, material, mechanical design, keypad, installation, LCD screen, LED, ports and interfaces, handset, accessories and etc.

- Audio quality

Audio clarity, volume, noise reduction, ability and use and switch between different audio channels (handset, speaker, RJ9 headset, EHS headset, Bluetooth headset and etc.

- Call functions

Perform phone calls, hold, mute, transfer, conference, call forward, DND and etc. MPK functions such as BLF, speed dial, call park and etc.

- LCD configuration

Configuration from LCD menu via the navigation keys, keypad and function keys.

- Web configuration

Navigate web UI to configure basic and advanced settings.

- Others

Provisioning, upgrading, compatibility with PBXs and etc.



I still have yet to get product in mail.