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I would like to report the following anomalies / improvements:
1 - the left button does not work in the menu on the DP730 telephone
2 - Maintenance / Provisioning / Upload Device Configuration -> the upload button does not work
3 - 24h (Italian translation of “Warning tone”) is wrong in the DP730 / Date and Time / Format menu.
4 - in my view the battery would have been better if the rechargeable ones normally on the market.
5 - the battery on DP730 is not easy to remove
6 - the LED on the base of the DP752 should flash in case of “conversation in progress”
7 - I can not understand if DP752 is a multicell system or not



#1. what’s your current left button function? if it’s PTT, means push to talk, you will need long press to initial a PTT channel, it will need multiple handsets to test it.
#2. this is an HTML CSS bug that we will fix it. the upload dialog is out of the screen that is hidden. if you scale down the browser to 25%, you should able to find the dialog near the top menu bar.
#3. will fix it.
#4. will definitely consider this in the feature models.
#5. will follow up with HW team.
#6. will talk to the team, I tend to agree with you.
#7. No, DP720 is not a multicell system, a DP730 can register on multiple DP752, but only manual switch between them, best case is when lost current base signal, then able to auto connect to the first found base.

Thanks for the great feedbacks!


BTW, for the left button and right button, you can configure the function in “Shortcuts” settings.


the left button means the left button of the image that I attach, nothing happens by pressing it under any circumstancesscreen


I just tried on latest internal firmware, the left button work fine after factory reset. Could you please factory reset it and try again? if not working, it should be fixed in the official release anyway. :slight_smile:


Hi Shawn-GSSupport424,
it’s a mechanical problem, the other keys just press, the left one has to press repeatedly, so I doubt that a firmware update can solve.
In any case, I made a factory reset and the problem remains. The key is faulty, I would also like to replace it at this point. The procedure?
The new new firmware where can I download it?



I heard our HW team have improved the navigation button after 1$ beta production.
The FW is still under internal testing, we will release it in pretty soon once approved by QA.