Weird voicemail issue


I have a ucm6202 with gxp2135 all have the latest firmware. when the customer does a Blind transfer and the extension is not answered it does go to voicemail asks to leave a message, you leave a message disconnect the call. the phone shows no new message. But if you dial direct and leave a message it does show and play the message.


What sort of call is blind transferred?


I think the message must be a min number so seconds I think its 5 seconds or 3


It is in voicemail settings, it can be removed or set different.


that was our first thought but it does work if i dial the extension direct, only when the call is transferred. If i dial from ext 100 to 101 after 4 ring the voicemail prompt happens, i leave a message hang up and 101 show it has a message, i can play it. scenario 2: i dial from 100 to 101, 101 transfers to 102, 102 rings 4 times voicemail picks up i leave a message hang up and the no message is displayed. thats just a scenario it does it to every ext.


Can you take a capture of a call using the second scenario?