Weird Follow Me problem. Works with IVR, but not when ringing an extension


We have follow me set up to an external number. Rings the extension for 20 second, then rings a cell phone for 30 seconds then goes to cell voicemail (I’ve checked the ring times, and don’t think that’s the issue). When the inbound route is pointed to an IVR (press 1 for Bob), it behaves properly.
When the Inbound route is pointed to ring an extension, it rings the extension, then rings the cell phone 2x then hangs up.
Any idea?


What firmware version on the UCM?

Do you have your external host address in PBX-SIP-NAT?


Firmware, and yes.


Pretty old UCM firmware, You might take a look at the firmware release notes and see what all has transpired since as it may address your issue, maybe not, but it the updates still address other issues that may be of concern anyway.

A capture of both types of calls would help, but seriously, consider updating first.


I have seen this one: the timeout in the provider is timing out, so you need to increase it (in the provider’s settings, not the UCM). It doesn’t happen when using an IVR because he UCM already answered the call from the provider, so the call is now under the UCM’s control.


Good catch.


Brilliant. Will try and report back. Thanks!


The two providers I work with will not adjust the time out.

If you run into that problem, follow a suggestion I got from @lstutesman. Point to an IVR with no recording, timeouts set to 1 second, no options, with failover pointing to the extension.

This way, the UCM will send the 200OK to the provider so their system thinks the call is in progress and it only adds a second or two of delay.

If your using a metered SIP trunk, your going to be paying for the call from the first connection and not from when someone or VM answers the call.


Timing was the issue.
Thanks all!


Was your SIP provider able to make the change or did you use the option of bouncing the call through an IVR? Regardless, please mark as solved.