Weird battery life issues


I am trying out a WP820 for possible roll-out to my customers who would like a Wi-Fi solution.

However, I am having some weird battery life issues with it. I am running the latest firmware.

First day with the phone: I took the phone off the base (fully charged and already configured.) This was probably late morning. It laid on my desk, unused. An hour later, it was down to 89% charge. I didn’t use it at all that day, and by late that night, it was completely dead. This experience repeated itself for several days.

Fast-forward to last Wednesday, when I was out of my home office most of the day: I took the phone with me. First went to a business partner’s house (who uses the same Ubiquiti APs I have at home), powered the phone on, connected it to his network, didn’t make any calls. When I left, I powered the phone off, went to our corporate office (also using the same Ubiquiti gear), powered it on, connected there. Stayed a few hours, powered off, went home. Interestingly, at this point, the battery was still just above 90% charge. So, I started thinking something on my home network/Wi-Fi had something to do with it.

Once I got home, I powered the phone back on, left it laying on the bed, and left for the evening. When I went to bed around midnight, I grabbed the phone to charge it – and it was about 88% (if memory serves me right – it was definitely in the high 80s, though.) Odd. Rules out something with my network.

The next day, took the phone off its base, and within an hour, back to 89%.

That has repeated every day since. I’ve tried switching the phone from UDP to TCP, changing the keepalive/registration intervals to longer, etc. Nothing has helped. I’ve even connected it to my U-verse gateway’s built-in Wi-Fi, just to rule out my Ubiquiti gear. No luck.

Yesterday, I decided to mess with the band configuration – it seems to move between 2.4GHz and 5GHz depending on where I am in the house. I selected 5GHz only. Seemed to help a little, but not much. However, as the afternoon wore on yesterday, the battery drain stopped. I actually left the phone in the bedroom all night (and it showed it was connected via 2.4GHz – despite the fact the network settings are 5GHz only in the phone), this morning woke up and it was at 70%.

It’s charging now, and I suspect when I take it back off the base, it’ll be back to 89% within an hour.

Seems like most days the battery life is horrid, and then some days it randomly does very, very well.

Anyone else seeing this, or any idea of a possible fix? I’d like to be able to roll these things out, but I need to figure out how to get the battery life fixed.



The drain speed of 11% / hour you mentioned, is this a steady consistent drain or just for the first hour? Below I have listed some settings that may influence battery life and suggest to check each one to see if it can help with your battery life issue:

  1. LCD display backlight brightness - Lower value
  2. LCD Screen timeout - Lower value
  3. Key backlight - Disable
  4. WiFi roaming mode->good/poor signal scan - Increase value
  5. WiFi band->set to either 2.4G or 5G only
  6. Preferred internet protocol->IPv4 only if don’t need IPv6
  7. Bluetooth - Suggest to disable if not using this function. Else set “visible to nearby bluetooth” to off and visibility timeout “two minutes”
  8. PTT/paging - Suggest to turn off is not needed. If needed, increase the “IGMP keep alive” interval
  9. Gestures - Disable if not needed
  10. SAFE/Panic Call - Disable if not needed
  11. Account->Network settings->NAT traversal, if set to “Keep alive” may cause some drain. Suggest to set NAT NO if not required. Else increase “keep alive interval” under Phone settings->General Settings.
  12. Ringtone/ring volume - Some of the musical tones may consume more battery than the slow pulse tones

Besides these setting we also need to understand the SIP traffic that is going to the device. For example, is the WP820 is part of ring group or call queue? Is the server sending keep alive to WP820 periodically? If so at what intervals?



Most draining is when AP is not stable and WP need search network.



On the handset under Settings->Network settings->WiFi roaming mode, could you try to modify the setting there to see if it helps? For example, you can try increasing the “poor signal scan interval.”



It will help, but still it always be drain sink :slight_smile:


I had tried some of these suggestions, without much luck. Then the past week or so, haven’t had much time to devote to the project.

However, I’ve just made a discovery:

Yesterday morning, before leaving home, I took the phone off the charging base and powered it off. Decided to take it with me and use it as I was out-and-about. However, I ended up not using (nor powering it on) at all. Got home last night, powered it on, and it did great. Took quite a while to hit 99%. Once it did, I charged it back to 100%, then took it off the charger. The fast battery drain started again. Charged it back to 100%, took it off the charger, powered it off, powered it on, and left it laying on the desk.

Got up this morning and it was at 93% charge (after laying on the desk all night.)

Apparently, it seems to do MUCH better if you power-cycle it after removing it from the charger.

Does that help any of the wizards out here? :slight_smile: Hopefully it sheds light on something.



Just to clarify your finding. Your observing that your WP820 is draining unusually fast after a full charge and that by rebooting the handset after charging it slowed the drain? Is this drain speed linear in time (consistent fast drain) or just for the first hour? If you don’t reboot the handset after charge how many hours have you gotten out of it so far?




Please provide us a configuration file of your device. We would like to check the settings and conduct some test on our end.