WebRTC remote


I’m trying the WebRTC locally and I would say that it works quite well, but remotely (without VPN) lacks audio, despite I did the NAT of the RTP range and port 5060, probably uses other ports?


That’s weird because WebRTC does not need port forwarding to work. It uses a stream URL which works over NAT.

There’s a settings in “Value-Added -> WebRTC” to allow subnets if I remember correctly.


Take a look at : http://www.grandstream.com/sites/default/files/Resources/wave_webrtc_guide.pdf


I looked at the guide but it’s not done very well, they just improved it…maybe in the future it will be reliable, but I don’t see anything about the remote connection, now I look inside UCM if I find something.


They only talk about 5062 which is used for video conference. Maybe try opening it to the UCM? Wave may use it even for audio (I never used GSWave WebRTC).