Web interface not working in firefox


We plugged the device in, grabbed IP from screen, and went to Firefox. Logging in with admin and proper password gives us an error about the page needing to be refreshed. So we refreshed the page. Same problem. Opened in private browser and it still happened.

Switched to Chrome, and we were able to log in. Changed password as required.

Switched back to Firefox and now it works.

We’ll be testing this again once we complete our usual battery of tests and then factory reset the unit.


Check F12 on Firefox, see if there are Javascript errors happening.


That will be part of our methodology once we reset to see if we can recreate the problem.


This is a known issue that we are working on it. This issue also exist on Chrome.
After the session time out, you will need refresh the page and login with http(s)://{IP} only, any extra URL append after the IP need be removed.