Web browser has been "locking up" if browser closed


I have had this happen twice now that when the browser window is closed without logging out, that reentry into a new browser session is not allowed. The screen just “hangs”. Rebooting the base clears the issue and allows a new browser session.

When re-entry is attempted when this happens, it doesn’t matter which browser is used to re-attempt, the results have been the same.

I will try to narrow down some of the aspects of this.


I am still experiencing an issue with this…

If I LOGOUT, I can start a new web access with no issue. If I simply close the browser, then the DP753 has to be rebooted to allow access


what’s your browser? I used Chrome and has no problem on this


You are correct, CHROME does not exhibit the issue. I was using IE 11 and EDGE when I experienced it.