Web based "switch board"



Has grandstream deployed any “on screen switch board” methods yet? I know there has been a lot of integration for CRM, the AMI is more out put of dsta and not control. There is an Active Call screen but thats more just output of information.

Ive had this request from clients quiet abit.


Affinity might do some of what you need. http://www.grandstream.com/support/tools, look for “Affinity.”


Wasnt affinity the software that talks directly to the desk phone (numbers on the screen will push the phone to call), if so, thats more a CRM phone soft extensions to the desk phone than a Switchboard which will show you all calls on a set number of extensions.


It was not clear what you were looking for. One option is FOP2, which you can enable via AMI to query the underlying Asterisk components of the UCM.


Will this actually allow calls to be routed via the screen? my understand with Grandstream is that the AMI interface is output of data only (for management)…


Don’t know, to be honest. We’re not big UCM users.


I’m sure i looked at FOP before, however as you can tell, needs another OS installed which i like to try and avoid (to a point) other wise the “why did we move from freePBX” gets thrown in the mix. I will try and test this though to see how it is.

That said it appears to be possible to OEM it as a Managed Service so will explore this a bit more


“Why did we stay on FreePBX” is a more likely cry around here. :slight_smile:


Using UCM AMI you can control calls, agent etc. It is totaly not only to read. You can’t modify parameters in files.
In attachment latest all ami commands (as i checked).

AMI.zip (2.2 KB)


The AMI is full read/write.

We designed our own operator receptionist console entirely with the AMI, it allows for blind and attended transfers, holding and parking, you name it.

I’ll be able to show screenshots and share code soon - currently our dev server isn’t publicly accessible and I’m not at the office.

It should be noted, we do not use UCM appliances, were a cloud-based hosted PBX provider with our own in-house patent pending VoIP architecture.


cool, what language is it written in?


The new software utilizes an Angular frontend (html5, JavaScript, typical web stuff), and the backend uses our own api powered by Nodejs.

The frontend makes/receives normal HTTP API requests from our Node servers, which in turn handle all the AMI proxying themselves.


Do you plan selling this as soft ? :firecracker:


Any update on this? We have been looking for something like this for a while and would definitely be interested in purchasing.