Weather update stopped on 2-7-2019


I just noticed that the weather updates on some of my 2170 phones is not working and the date last show on the phone is 2-7-2019 @ 10:08pm. I tried making changes and it’s still not connecting. Anyone else?


It’s working fine for me.

Here is what I have for Web Service on the phone (which is set from Zero Config).



this is a reason why I do not activate it from my clients, then they get used to it and they call me because they do not see the time on the phone :stuck_out_tongue:
@drostoker I tried the configuration of your screen but not even me




I believe we would miss it, but it shows me like this (fw and the phone goes out regularly on the internet. Maybe it does not work on the new fw


Same here, weather stopped working on 2/7 on all 200 of my 2160’s. Was using firmware , tried updating to, still no go.


Drostoker, look at your image again, your weather is not working either. Down in the lower right hand corner of your image is shows the last weather update was on 2/7. Yours is simply ‘stuck’ showing the weather from the last update on 2/7


If my wife didn’t use it every day, I wouldn’t have noticed. Some of my customers do like and use it, but have not called me yet.


prepare the umbrella :rofl:


Same here, no updates since 2/7/19, running on all GXP21XX models. All showing N/A


Just logged on to research/post the same issue. Stopped working on 2/7/2019 @ 9:09pm EST. The weather has been super flaky on these phones, I’d call it more of a joke than a feature.


out of curiosity I put the fw, nothing to do does not work


Yup. You’re right. Missed that.


Yep not work after restart phone.


Is grandstream going to fix this? I have 2170 and 2160 phones and it makes many users annoyed with the new phones that a feature doesnt work. At first I pointed the finger at our new VOIP (3cx) but after some research its grandstream.


FWIW I opened a Help Desk ticket last night on this - 20190211182946.


Please note that I am running on my GXP2170 and my weather is still working. It does update.


I just updated my GXP2170 to the latest firmware and now my weather is just “Service Unavailable”, previously the date on the screen was right, but the forecast was last week’s forecast.

The weather is set to the local USA zip code via zeroconfig. Side note, the weather has always shown the neighboring city which is in a different zip code for some reason, I could never force it to the right one.

So add my name to the list. :slight_smile:


Can confirm, does not work on latest firmware.

ALSO: Can we please get a proxy service that we can point the GrandStream phone to so phones do not have to get internet connectivity to fetch weather details. I want to keep the phones offline directly but still have weather details.


Just hear from Grandstream Tech Support via my Help Desk Ticket

_ Thank you for contacting GS support. We are aware of this issue.
We are currently working on it.