Weather Self-Defined City Code - don't show Canadian cities correctly



If I use CAXX0518 (Vancouver, BC, Canada) for my weather Self-Defined City Code, the phone shows:

Vancouver, -, CA

It should show:

Vancouver, BC, CA (or better yet, just Vancouver, BC)

If I use CAXX1710 (Langley, BC) the phone shows:

-, -, CA

The weather report seems fine though.


Hi Farmer_sr

The system retrieves the weather information including the location from the Yahoo weather through RSS. If the return value from Yahoo doesn’t include the complete location information, that’s something that beyond our control.

In the case of using CAXX1710 , Yahoo only returns us the country value and this is why phone displays -,-,CA.
The following is the result returned once we used CAXX1710 as a self-define city code:

Again, thank you for your reporting.




I get the same issue, obviously, I am located in Canada.

So, I’ve made so research and find out that “Yahoo developer network” seems to be able to
returns the city and country as data.

please see my example here:*%20from%20weather.forecast%20where%20woeid%20in%20(select%20woeid%20from%20geo.places(1)%20where%20text%3D%22st-lin%22)&

example data :

                city="St.-Lin" country="Canada" region="QC"/>

City code : CAXX2169


Hi sauvegardezvous,

Thank you for conducting a research on Yahoo weather. I’ll forward your solution to our developer team.

Thank you,


your dev. team are right.

theirs requests to yahoo dev forecast are corrects.

Yahoo didn’t return the city & country values.

example of requesting : CAXX2169*%20FROM%20weather.forecast%20WHERE%20location%3D%22CAXX2169%22&


I suggest, instead to put a code like “CAXX???”, just put the name of your “city,country”

and you can make your api call with :

or may I suggest another weather api:

thank you,


Hi sauvegardezvous,

Thank you for the suggestion.




I am having the same problem for France.
It is not reporting the right city when set to auto.
I tried to self-define a city however was not able to figure out the values to put.
The value showing when in auto : city name,-,FR


Hi tedd77,

Current the displayed information depends on the retrieved info from Yahoo weather, which out of out control. However, some tester has pointed out the solution and it might be employed in the future.



If you do provide a new way to retrieve weather information in the future, could you also:

[ul][li]add web admin config to allow the user to over-ride the system weather by entering an IP or URL to his own custom weather service[/li]
[li]provide the schema (XML?) for the above[/li][/ul]


Hi farmer_sr,

Thank you for the suggestion, it’s a really good idea. I’ll list it into the future improvement list.



I’m in Montreal, and after reading this thread i simply tried Montreal, Canada and it worked!