Wave Transfer call



Calls are not Transferd by software wave App
But in the case of transferring from the phone or browser, the transfer will Done


WAVE only works on UCM630X, the post you opened with other UCM models that do not support WAVE,
missing scenario and details to be able to answer you.
It is advisable that you read the manuals, which explain how you can activate WAVE and the related instructions,
in case of problems open a ticket:



Already I’m working on UCM6304A
But how do I open a ticket
The transfer is also done when I open the Wave on the browser
But from the mobile it is not done


I corrected the title of the post,

above I put both the links to download and consult the manuals, and the link to open a ticket to Grandstream support


I’m also experiencing this issue. I’m running Wave on an Android connecting to a UCM6304 through Remote Connect. Calls work fine, but transferring a call does nothing. No error, no activity at all. Neither Blind nor Attended work.


Same issue here. UCM6302. Every people connected via NAT and Wave with one exception.

Transfer works fine with computer but not with smart phone using Wave.


Correction. Wave, both computer and phone works fine when I call an extension directly (for instance 1125).

Tranfer fails in Wave, both on desktop or mobile phone when someone call our toll-free number, is answered with an IVR and press 3 to go thru a call queue. This is a CDR entry with such a failed transfer:


To be able to transfer calls coming from a queue, the “Enable Feature Code” in the Advanced Settings of the Queue must be set.