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I have a problem! This is probably a bug:
I have a UCM6304A ( on which I have created a “ring group” with 4 extensions. 1 x GRP 2604P phone, 2 x analogue and 1 x Wave mobile app (on Android 13). When a call arrives and I answer from the IP telephone or from the analogical ones, the other telephones stop ringing but the “ringing” status on the wave remains active until the end of the call.
Practically the App stops ringing but on the UCM side the status remains “ringing”. The Android terminal is in the same subnet as the UCM and IP phone. Has anyone had the same problem?

P.S. Wave Desktop works normally.

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Manuel March


assicurati di aver inserito nell’extension WAVE lato UCM anche il codec H264 (anche se non utilizzi la parte video),
ti consiglio di utilizzare la coda invece del fruppo suoneria, in ogni caso
ti conviene contattare direttamente l’Assistenza Grandstream

make sure you have also inserted the H264 codec in the WAVE extension on the UCM side (even if you don’t use the video part),
I advise you to use the tail instead of the ring tone, in any case
you should contact Grandstream Support directly


make sure you have the latest fw version on the UCM and wave app
if it is the case it is better to contact gs support since this issue will need further troubleshooting


Grazie per il consiglio. Il codec h264 c’è e con la coda soccede la stessa identica cosa.
Penso che si proprio un bug del App stessa. Comunque contatto il supporto. Grazie


assicurati di avere aggiornato sua UCM che WAVE


Dear user,

Thank you for using the Wave application! We will release new versions for UCM63xx and Wave application this month, and this issue has been fixed in the release candidates. You can upgrade your UCM and Wave app after we release the new versions to avoid this issue. Thanks for your testing!

Thank you!



thanks for the information


Dear user,

Thank you for your feedback! Let us know if you have any other questions. Thanks for your tesitng!

Thank you!