Wave for Windows deployment - Silent Install, Group Policy, Configuration, etc


We want to deploy the Wave app to new Windows devices we are provisioning.

Can the Wave app for Windows be installed silently? We want to deploy with Intune/Endpoint Manager.

Are there any group policy, registry settings, or command line switches available to configure the application? Or a config file somewhere we can update?

For instance, we want to pre-fill the server address for our users.
We also want to disable any automatic updates, since users won’t have admin rights.


Dear user,

Thank you for using the Wave application! Currently, this feature has not been implemented for the Wave Desktop application and we will evaluate this feature request for the Wave app future release. Thanks for your testing!

Thank you!


I really understand you and feel your pain. I opened a ticket on support about it.
I think is a PITA GS do not support CLI parameters on Wave.
I have installed Wave with
%SOFTWARE%\Wave\Wave-%PKG_VERSION%-win-x64.exe" /S /L=1046 /D=c:\GSWAVE

where SOFTWARE is source for all my software and PKG_VERSION is for easy version updates.
Be aware the /L=1046 is not documented or honored. It would be a package creator parameter to choose language, it would be easy to user find softphone already in Portuguese (1046) and not English!

I’m still trying to provide server info at CLI, but for now the WAVE extension e-mail provide the information.
MAybe someday I find out where (registry / .ini file) Grandstream has that information to provide directly to my users.

Good luck to you.


Dear user,

Thank you for sharing these information with us!

Thank you!