Wave continues to be unusable on Iphone


Dear user,

We analyzed your given logs and we still thought that the issue was caused by the STUN/TURN server. Even though you have configured the STUN server correctly, but we need to check if the domain “nat-a.gdms.cloud” has been resolved correctly or not. The issue in your captured logs on Sep 3rd, this issue is a known issue and we will fix it in Wave app next release. The issue in the new given logs on Oct 18th seems to be caused by the STUN/TURN server connection. May I ask if the 2 test are under the same test scenarios? Could you send us a working trace file with syslog under your test environment? Thanks for your testing!

Thank you!


Yes we have 2 PBX and one log might have been from one that did not have the STUN configured correctly. I have corrected that problem and results are the same. Here are logs


and server log



Dear user,

Thanks a lot for your help! I will pass these logs to our development team for evaluation. I will get back to you once we have any updates. Thanks for your testing!

Thank you!


Hi it’s the end of the month!! Is there an update coming?


Dear user,

Thank you for your feedback! I got the confirmation from Wave app development team today, and we will add the improvements in Wave application next release, which will be released in the next following week. You can try it again after we release the Wave app iOS 1.11.x / Android 1.0.11.x. Thanks!

Thank you!


Hey Ken,

Did you test the new iPhone version? I only have android here and just curious if they fixed the issues?
As I have customers with iPhones waiting on a fix.


This is now completely resolved, thanks!!