Wave app on iOS


I’ve been experimenting with the Wave App on iOS15 and wonder if anyone else has similar issues.
The problem is being unable to answer inbound calls when the iOS device is locked. The call shows on the screen but when you answer the caller hears a message saying the extension number is on the phone and can’t take the call, please leave a message. This happens on all iOS devices and regardless of whether it’s an audio or video call. This is using the RemoteConnect service from GS setup on the Wave app for each device. There is a UCM with RemoteConnect enabled.
If the iOS device has the app open in the foreground and a call comes in then the call can be answered without any problem so this appears to be related to push calls and how the Wave app handles these.

Anyone experienced this?


iOS has a known problem about “closing” all apps in standby, without the possibility of filtering the desired app (on Android it is possible),
check that you have UCM630X with updated firmware first and updated WAVE app on iOS,
if you don’t receive suggestions, open a ticket:


Thanks for reply.

Yes I am familiar with issues around iOS and apps closing in the background but I have opened a ticket with GS and they are stating there are no known issues with the Wave App on iOS.

UCM and app fully up to date.


Noticed the same and GS told me unable to replicate.


Thanks for that information.

I’ve now done a lot more testing over the weekend and sent logs & videos to GS so will update if I get anywhere.


You could use the 3cx application that works on IOS as the 3cx crew are ensuring the softphone application runs over IOS and Android operating systems.

Zoiper and Counterpath also have soft phone video phone applications running over IOS and Android. These are commercial applications (not free) and are well developed.


Many thanks for that information. I may give the 3cx app a try. I have been using GroundWire for years and always found it excellent. However it has the same issues as Wave but I may have discovered the reason.

After support looked at the call log from the Wave app they noticed an incorrect setting. I had placed a name in the extension settings on the UCM under CallerID Number. Once this was removed then calls coming in via the Wave app could be answered so it appears this must have been the problem.

I hope my error in the settings perhaps helps someone else who experiences this issue.


it’s an app that only works on 3cx server, there is an old version that was “open”


Are you using this 3cx with the cloud connect address? I’m just curious, I have one client that we cannot get Wave to work at all on her iPhone.


Please elaborate… if you mean GDMS cloud … then no - but speak to @lpneblett he has an older version of the 3CX client that is open and works with GS afaik.