Wave app cripples the GDS3710 as gate opener


I have done extensive research and this device seems to be the best hardware on the market, especially at this price point. I have one on order now, but haven’t received yet. As a door entry system, it specs out above everything else I’ve been able to find, including DoorBird. I think Grandstream is missing the market for gate openers though: it needs the same electronics in a package that can be post mounted, and needs an easy way to latch open a gate.

Here is the problem that for me cripples this device as both a door entry and as a gate entry stystem: the Wave app. I realize this should be put in the Wave forum, and I will, but I put it here because it kills this product for me. In the GDS3710->Wave documentation, the control app is called Wave and it shows the screen that displays the video and allows control functions. On the (iOS) app store there is Wave Lite and Wave. The Wave app is under Social Networking and is a softphone app. Wave Lite looks more like the correct app, and the last rev shows a “name change”. This is the one I downloaded to play with prior to the unit arrival. Obvouisly, configuration as a door control system must not happen until I connect the GDS3710.

But the killer is this: this app took my phone battery to its knee’s in just a few hours. It was only in memory, not active screen, but it still used up 64% of all battery usage in a 24 hour period. I also had it installed on an iPad and had the same result: 61% of batter usage was Wave. This makes the GDS3710 absolutely worthless as a remote gate/door entry system. With much regret, I think I’m going to have to return the GDS3710 when it arrives unless somebody tells me there is another solution. I see elsewhere in the forums where other softphone apps are suggested, including Acrobits, but I wouldn’t have gate control, right?


Just use a softphoe like zoiper/bria/3cx/enter softphone here that supports video

Dont blame the hardware for the courtesy software that was written for many different systems.


Thanks for your response Scott. I realize the software, like the hardware, is made for multiple systems. That is both the advantage and the downside of this system.

For my application, using the GDS3710 as a gate opener, the documentation shows gate control on-screen in the app. If I use some other softphone app, will it have the gate control on-screen? If not, it will not do the job. Wave DOES have a door/gate control soft button, but is unusable due to power consumption. I’m happy to use any other softphone app if it will give relay control from the live video feed. Do any of Bria/Zoiper/Enter give that? If so, I’m in.


You can use a GRP261x series handset with that software button, or use a GXV3xxx series video phone to be able to see who is at the gate or do you really have your heart set on the “NEED” for a softphone HeiX?

If so you are best off addressing the GS guys direct in case it is an issue with your hardware / software combination. Try them direct:

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Hi Scott,

Thanks for the support link, I think its time to call them, especially since I received my first GDS3710 today.

Maybe I need to outline the requirements for a residential drive gate telephone panel with video, since most users here appear to be installers of commercial door control systems, which I know is where the majority of the market is for access control. Residential gate control is a different animal.

Two types of access required:
Keypad - Trusted delivery services, family, friends. Need at least 30 item whitelist.
Call button - Aquaintences, standard delivery, guests.

Resident/Access Grantor

  • May be in residence
  • May not be out, locally
  • May be traveling out of state/country

Receiving call/video and granting access

  • Must be fast
  • Low lag best
  • Should be able to either open gate or hold open gate

This means that cellphone contact is a primary requirement. All
When a call comes in, being able to immediately/rapidly grant access is also a requirement.

The competition for this device might be:
Doorbird D2101 - Gate Opener with video
BFT WiFi Vid 2 - Traditional Gate opener with video
DoorKing 1812 - Traditional Gate opener, no video
Doorbird D101 - Door access with Video, no keypad
Ring Elite - Door access with video, no keypad, external relay/controller


Tried to register; filled out registration and submit: get an error message the passwords don’t match (they do). Multiple tries, multiple pw’s, nothing. Went to help desk to call for help: requires registration…


I would scratch the Doorbird for the time being. There is a bug in the device.

If you have a Doorbird and are using SIP to send the call notification to a Ring Group, for example, and a call is made from the device, it will indeed ring the ring group as well as the Doorbird app, but if the call is answered by the app, the Doorbird will indeed react to the answer and open the gate, but it does not send a cancel to stop the ringing of the SIP phones in the ring group. As a result, the SIP phones continue to ring until their timeout is reached and if the RG also has a destination such as VM, the call will go there and you will get a VM of either the vehicle already driving thru the open gate or whatever the ambient noise is for whatever period the VM timeout is.

I have a client who installed 2 Doorbirds as gate openers and ran into this issue just last week. I did a capture of the call, discovered the issue and submitted same to Doorbird who admitted the bug/issue and indicated that they would follow-up with their development team. No indication of if or when a fix would be forthcoming.

As far as quick delivery, the device will start the delivery process immediately, but the mechanism by which the delivery is consummated is not under the device’s control so the speed is whatever is allowed by the path the delivery takes and how long that process takes to find the device(s) for which the delivery is intended. I do not know about you, but there have been times where I was of the impression that I was in a cellular area with good coverage and for whatever reason I get a notification of VM and it turns out to be someone who just called a few seconds ago and the phone never rang.


Good to know, thanks. I’m starting to believe I won’t be able to use the GDS3710, in spite of its excellent technology and build quality. It is a shame, because with a couple very small tweaks, this would be a killer in the gate opener market.


I have 2 GDS3710’s in use as gate openers. Both work great in this role, and I have the cameras fed into my blueirs security camera NVR. I wish the GDS3710 had IR illuminators, as that would be perfect, though the keybvoard LED’s do a decent job of showing things at close range.

I have them mounted on gooseneck pedestals like this one: https://www.gatedepot.com/access-control/goosenecks, and I mount them on the front of this box that keeps the rain off the device as well: https://www.pedestalpro.com/product/mc-cs-08-e I mount the GDS3710 on the left side of the key, and then put the fire key switch on the right. You can wire in a tamper sensor as well. That box has standard mounts in the back for the gooseneck post. I was thinking about an IR illuminator there on the right, but I don’t think the GDS camera works with IR.

WAY BETTER than doorking garbage that looks like it was designed in the 70’s.

I agree the Wave app leaves a lot to be desired. We use deskphones in the house to answer calls and open the gates, but haven’t tried another softphone. Do folks have the GDS3710’s set up with other softphones? The setup instructions will be very different than anything I’ve seen in the documentation.



That box is a slick solution! You are right about Doorking (and most gate systems): they look like 70’s solutions for warehouse access. I really wanted to use the GDS3710. The camera is excellent, the documentation is good, configuration abilities are excellent and overall hardware quality is top notch. The IR is a major shortcoming and I hadn’t thought about it but youre probably right that there’s is no IR cut filter, so adding IR wouldn’t help. You could add a regular LED though: wouldn’t need much light or size and could either be on all the time or triggered by motion via one of the relays.

It looked like it would be easy and deliver a high quality intercom to use this with 1 or 2 IP phones as you have done, but I’m very curious how you handle answering a video call when you are not at home? From my research, even if you set up the GDS3710 to make a VOIP call and used DTMF tones to open the gate, there’s no way to reliably deliver video that route. The only option is Wave, and that kills any iDevice in a matter of hours. Maybe I’ve got it wrong. How are you doing this?

PS: The 3rd issue that chased me off from this device, and all GS products now, is that when I went to return it, GS stiffed me. No “open box” returns, period, unless it is defective. I explained that the combination of hardware and software was a defective solution, but never even got a response. Pretty poor service.


HeiX, I bought my GDS3710 from Amazon, so great customer service. I don’t think GS is really set up for direct purchasing…

Yes, that box and a gooseneck work GREAT! The key to open the front makes working on the wiring and the mount pretty easy.

I don’t really care for opening the gate when I’m not home. I give RFID cards to the gardeners, etc… who need access, and they just tap the card on the keypad to get entry. So making video work remotely wasn’t a requirement for me. But in a pinch, I can pull up my blue-iris NVR app to see what the camera is seeing if I ever need to do it remotely. Not as nice has having it integrated, but then it’s not cloud dependent either.

I wish they would put in an IR cut filter so I could use an external illuminator, or better yet include IR in the device. It’s really a pretty nice product.

GS Wave is not very good, but it does make the video integration much easier. technically, the video could work with other softphones, but without a guide it’s not really a good use of my time to try and debug it. Maybe someone at some point will.

I would NEVER use any of their android based phones or intercom displays. They run ancient versions of android which are security nightmares. The GXP style phones are pretty secure, and I them on a separate VLAN and they handle door opening and gate management via the GDS3710 really well.