Wave app behind Nat or SBC


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I have a problem, we recently purchased a UCM 6308A for a client. In the place we put a Sangoma SBC for remote connections, the client wants to use the WAVE application for desktop and mobile. The connections must go exclusively through the SBC, the problem is that the wave applications are not register through the SBC Sangoma. if I can connect and use conventional softphone gs wave lite without problems.
Can you help me understand why this happens?
Can you tell me how to make wave applications pass through the SBC?
Can you help me to config without gdms, only with router or ucm 6308a connected direct to internet?
What ports would desktop and mobile wave applications use for signaling and media?


what is the point of using an external SBC when the basic UCM6308A has the Basic Remote Connect service?


Our client is a state agency and they requested that when they called for bids. They requested a new ip phone system. The problem is that they have an internet link with a fixed IP in the sbc and from there it goes to the central office. For conventional IP phones it works perfectly, but for Wave desktop or mobile, it doesn’t even register.
Any idea how to configure?


for equipment not “Grandstream” you are in the wrong forum,
then I repeat, UCM630X has its own remote internal connection system,
you should ask the SBC provider what the problem might be.


Can you help me to config without gdms, only with router or ucm 6308a connected direct to internet?
Or ucm connect to internet behind Nat, What ports should I forward in the router or firewall and what should I config in ucm 6308a?


here you will find everything you are looking for:



Dear user,

Thank you for using the UCM63xx and GDMS platform! As Damiano70 claimed, you can follow the user guide and instruction documents in the product page to configure your UCM6308A, and you can let us know if you have any specific issues during configuring this device. Thanks for your testing!

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Have you or do you have any remote desk phones registered to the system via the SBC? Presumably, there would be no port forwarding of other required at the UCM level if using the SBC. The key is to remove the GDMS remote connectivity issue. This feature is similar in nature to the SBC in that it was designed to provide remote connectivity without the need to worry about NAT or security issues.

While I may be incorrect, I believe WAVE, regardless of which platform, is purpose built to be used with the remote connect function of GDMS and the 63XX platform. Maybe others have more insight into the product and can elaborate further.

There are other softphone apps that can be used without GDMS and depending upon what others have to offer, the use of these 3red party apps may be your only choice.


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Thank you for all your feedback! We can help you analyze the issue about Wave application/GDMS/UCM under the specific test case. Wave app is just a soft phone which needs to be used with UCM63xx, and if the user does not have the UCMRC services, the user still can use Wave app with the UCM63xx. You can give it a try at any time and let us know your test steps and test scenarios under your environment. We will help you troubleshoot the issue based on your captured logs and descriptions. Thanks for your testing!

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I need to know the ports to forward to UCM in router. For WAVE desktop and mobile


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Thank you for your feedback! Please refer to the Q&A " What domains and ports are used by GDMS/UCM RemoteConnect/Proxy Server?" in the link below:

Thanks for your testing!

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