Wave and 911 with Ray Baum's Act



I have a UCM6301 with people using Wave for a computer and they also use it on their cell phones. What will happen if someone uses the Wave application from home or vacation to dial 911? I provision the number with my voice provider for911, to provision it with a dispatch-able location. But, the user could use Wave anywhere and call 911. What happens because emergency services will be dispatched to the wrong location. Are there legal consequences to that?

Thank you


Possibly, yes there could be some legal consequences. There is nothing that prevents someone from suing and it is likely that there will fines/or fees for a wrong dispatch from both the agency that showed up as well as from the others impacted who were in the chain of notification. In this case, it rolls back up hill to the client account as a bill from the provider.

You did not mention if the “number” was a generic number for the business or a DID specifically for the device dialing. Nonetheless, the issue is that the device is mobile. You need to drill it into the users that 911 dialing for VoIP mobile devices is not the thing to do in a crisis, but rather that they should dial out via their cell or landline or other where the address is a known. You may need to get liability waivers signed as well in order to protect yourself and the client should also do similar to the employees. You can find similar waivers that are used by others on-line, but you might want to pass it by your attorney first to insure that it covers the particulars needed for you and the areas you serve.

I do not think implementing a dial plan to prevent 911 calling is a good idea as this goes against the law in that 911 itself must be a dialable number from every connected phone.

I wish that there were a couple of things implemented:

  1. When one of the apps is used for the first time, that the user is presented with a warning about such and must agree by clicking on and acknowledging same before being allowed to proceed with using the app and that the acknowledgment is stored with a date/time in the system associated to the extension. However, this is only a partial solution as people oftentimes move between extensions without changing anything in the extension settings.
  2. That when using a softphone on a cell phone, that upon seeing 911 being dialed, that the softphone could automatically shift the dialed number out to the cellular side of the phone instead.

The key is informing and reminding and making sure that you have some proof of it.