Wave doesn't work well



Obviously, Wave is WebTRC
Also Remote Connect does not mention / recommend the use of GSWAVE Lite anywhere


I think GS developers try to qualify Wave app as regular desktop phone. But it is wrong way in my opinion. App should not perform any actions untill user open it or app gets push notification on some event ( incoming call or message, maybe some periodic ping or something…)


In my case, Wave Lite via Remote Connect (on Android 10) works although it wasn’t mentioned or recommended. Since the app has more features with less power usage, it’s my preferred app at the moment. But not sure if I should recommend the same to customer/s at this juncture. Wave vs Wave Lite comparison would be most helpful - near term and long term.


Keep in mind that being recent wave, the risk is that “tomorrow” GS Wave Lite will no longer exist


As usual desktop sip-phones are supported , wave lite will be supported as well. They have the same sip-engine under the hood.


No one has written that it is not supported.

If you notice, UCM6302 Send the QR code only for Wave, and does not send it to GS Wave Lite (although with a change you can restore it), this may mean that GS Wave Lite will not be alive for a long time, at least it’s a my thought.


Understood. You mean that wave light will become an abandoned software because of new child - wave. Looks like this. Very probably.


it’s just my idea


Dear users,

Thank you for all your feedback! The battery consuming issue is a known issue. In the future Wave application release, we will add an option to allow the application running at background (the default setting is enabled), if the user enables this option, the user will notice the battery consuming issue. If the user disables this option, some of the mobile phones may not receive the notification correctly. Currently, we will not spend too many resources on maintaining Wave Lite application, and we will focus on Wave application project. Thanks for all your testing!

Thank you!


sorry but this is a bad news


Dear user,

Thank you for your feedback! I will pass your concern to our developing team for evaluation. We may consider this request in the future. Thanks for your testing!

Thank you!


Just to remind GS that I have quite a number of UCM62XX/Wave Lite users out there. We can understand there may be no improvements but hope GS to maintain/support the app for a reasonable period of time.


One more little but annoying thing. Request to improve software echo-cancellation.
If loudness on my phone is set to the maximum, then caller hears his own voice (strong echo). It appears in both modes: handset and loudspeaker.
I aware what that mostly issue of the phone, but i encouneterd this issue on some models.
So it could be usefull to suppress echo by software or to have an ability to adjust the microphon’s sensitivity.

Thank you.


Dear user,

Thank you for your feedback! This is a known issue (echo issue) and we will improve this issue in the next Wave application release versions. Thanks for your testing!

Thank you!


Dear user,

Thank you for your feedback! I will pass your suggestions and concerns to our UCM62xx/Wave Lite developing team for evaluation. Thanks for your testing!

Thank you!


My experience with wave as a user experience (no attempts made to fix anything traces etc.)

Prior to the upgrade, my wave app was rock solid in terms of placing and receiving calls on my android device. Every time I placed a call it with connect quick audio was good now at the same time we were testing the Linkus app had a 30-day free trial.

So I with call the office with wave and immediately after calling with call with Linkus. Every single time at the office they had no idea which app I was using when I asked how’s the call the GS wave won hands down every single time yes I know this is not the best way to test anything but from a user perspective this is the best way (try giving your client a technical explanation)

Once I upgraded wave to and I can almost never make a call it takes forever to connect and simply fails form being able to use wave remotely and, in my case, reliably. With the updates I have a totally unusable remote soft phone.

I cannot understand the obsession with having a UC client with video, file transfer and chat. No one is going to even get close to Teams, What Teams can’t do well is affordable easy use of your sip trunk on your company pabx.( not going to go into direct routing ect we offer this and it works very well)

I really wish GS can get the phone component to work well forget about the video file transfer and messaging let that remain on desk top app if you must. In the last 3 months we with have sold more UC6300 than in a year we had sold UCM 6200 or any other PABX but we sold non simply because client need simple easy reliable remote calling and I do not want the headache of support for something we have no control over. Example on version my phone refused to register after scanning barcode I opened a ticket got a response the next day to check and try again and what do you know just like that it registered.

Pitch video calling, and you will often be met with “we use teams or zoom don’t want another app to confuse users “Clients just want the ability to call remotely reliably. Form the responses I read here, and this seems like one of the most active thread on the forum .

I don’t know how GS teams is testing this maybe they have the ideal test environment. I am happy to send my phone logs but not going to sit and trouble shoot this with every client and open tickets. IF you scan a QR code everything should work well and I accept that its still in Beta. Just sharing my day to day experience with wave thus far. So close but still so far drop the video chat and file transfer maybe the developers can focus on the voice first and we can start selling UCM 63xx No pabx I think comes close to it (value and features)if the remote calling can work well with the app.


Dear user,

Thanks a lot for your feedback and using experiences! Could you kindly help to export the logs from your Wave so that we can help you to check the login issue? You may enable “Capture Log” option and try to log in to the UCM extension for several times and once the opeartion is done, you can export the logs from your mobile phone and send the logs to us for troubleshooting. Thanks for your testing!

Btw, thanks a lot for your suggestions and I will save your suggestions and share with our deveoping team. Thanks!

Thank you!


One more notice about issue with echo on wave app.
There is strange amplification effect. As louder background noice as louder echo.