Wave doesn't work well



Dear user,

Thank you for your feedback! It is recommended to use our latest firmware version of UCM63xx for testing. Thanks for your testing!

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hi @GSSupport74,

In my own way to see in the Free Remote Connect plan, it should remain at least the possibility to connect to UCM remotely, all installers would appreciate and would make sense.
More people will use Remote Connect, the more you can sell paid plans.

Furthermore, for at least a year I am waiting for LDAP on Remote Connect to be enabled, can you give me updates? The customer in remote phones wants at least the LDAP agenda otherwise is not happy.


Dear user,

Thank you for your feedback! Currently, Wave application supports LDAP contacts in the UCM63xx server, and the LDAP contacts will be marked in the Contacts menu.

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The free remote plan comes with ext sync and remote access pbx, so customers will buy more ucm devices


Thanks for your feedback! I will pass your suggestions to our developing team.

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Sorry, I had explained myself wrongly, I intended to be able to use LDAP from fixed phones, a remote phone without LDAP is not needed.


Dear user,

Thank you for your feedback and clarification! I will pass your suggestions to our developing team for evaluation. Thank you for your testing!

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hi @GSSupport74,

Kindly let me know in a short time if LDAP will be put on fixed phones, and if the Remote Connect Free plan can keep the remote connection via Web to UCM. I’m waiting.


I suppose, so far, you can configure LDAP through direct connection to your server via LDAPS (ssl ldap protocol)
If it is acceptble for you.


Dear user,

Thank you for your feedback! The remote access function will not be supported in the Remote Connect Free plan, and the user needs to upgrade the plan to Open Beta or higher level plan to access to the UCM Web UI remotely. For the LDAP request, do you mean you want the specific phones to view the LDAP contacts?Could you describe this scenario in details? Thanks!

Thank you!


according to me it doesn’t work, tell me if it works


Dear user,

Sorry for misunderstanding your request. For the LDAP feature, the fixed phones do not support it now. Per talking with our developing team, we will have a meeting to consult the solutions for this request. I will let you know once we have conclusions for this request. Thanks for your testing!

Thank you!


I am obviously speaking of Grandstream fixed phones, today does not work LDAP on Remote Connect, or at least nobody wrote how can you do.
Make sure that a remote phone can read the LDAP column seems to me the minimum of service that the customer asks the installer, if the customer is not possible, addresses to another vendor, it seems to me obvious.


He would also be appreciated to know the costs of the Remote Connect plans, I am testing UCM6302 from January 2020 and it is not possible that after 16 months there is no stable FW, plans of the plans and precise features of the plans.

Also I ask you something, the UCM630x backup will be compatible with UCM6300 Audio Series?


this item was opened to tell about wave problem and now it’s about gdms and ldap… I think would be better to open an item about this and not here


New version of Wave after last update works like wave-light. It is always active, it keeps permanent connection to PBX open, and aggressively sends keep alives. Is it forever ? Why does it need push-notifications under the hood if its operating that way ?..

Can we expect that next versions will operate like push-oriented app do (like 3CX, Groundwire or Portsip), and spare my battery and network.


Dear user,

Thank you for your clarifications and feedback! We are sorry about the inconvenient. I have reported this request to our developing team and our developing team will try to get a solution for this LDAP request.
Currently, the plans do not have the accurate price since it offers to our users for free trial. We will offer the price list to our users in the future. The UCM630x backup is not compatible with UCM63xx audio series currently. I will pass all your suggestions to our developing team and we will keep improving the Wave application. Thanks for all your testing!

Thank you!


hi @GSSupport74
Since you are so kind, I take this opportunity to recommend a very important feature, you need a simple procedure where the customer can change the personalized message of IVR or other.
Example The customer from an extension type * 91 + pswd to change the message 1.


Dear Damiano,

Thank you for your feedback! I have save your suggestions about this feature and I will pass it to our developing team for evaluation. Thanks for your testing!

Thank you!


I installed Wave ( and Wave Lite ( on my Android (10) with different extensions but registered to the same UCM6302 via gdms.cloud (remote connect). Charge to 100% and then reboot. And then leave it for 6 hours un-used. Below was the battery usage of the phone. Wave is consuming more power than Wave Lite. In this case, 4x more while completely idle.

Why are we using Wave when it has less features and consume more power over Wave Lite? Unless the Wave push notification is a major “benefit”. I apologise ahead as I’m new to RemoteConnect and don’t have the background to the Wave versus Wave Lite.