Wave doesn't work well



After the update of softphone wave for Android, only if the app stay on the screen or smartphone is active it works. When you have the smartphone sleeping, the app is not working, and the icon at the topo of the screen is always off (also when the account is registered)


I have the same issue for more than half a year. This happens on few of our newer Cellphones, while older are running OK. I think that GS Wave is not updated to work properly on the latest Android OS. (BTW, Zoiper is running good).


I mean Wave, not GS Wave, it is the new App for GDMS


putroppo WAVE aggiornato mi pare di capire funziona solo con UCM6300 beta


qui dovresti credo risolvere

Unfortunately, Wave Updated I seem to understand only works with UCM6300 Beta


Here you should be solving



Ucm è aggiornato a ma non funziona

Ucm updated to but it doesn’t work


a me funziona


Hi !
Actually, now it starts to work correctly.
Wave uses push mechanism to receive calls. So it does not need to stay online and drain your battery.
Is your UCM63xx PBX connected to GDMS service ? it required for push to work right.


Hi, yes my UCM is connected to GDMS service, but wave works ok for some minutes, then it goes down and the blf light on the desktop phones goes to off


check your account settings in GDMS (Voip account / sip account)
SIP server should be set to xxxxxxxxx.gdms.cloud address for your WAVE extention.


yes it is so


Is your android version 8 and above ? Because yearlier versions does not support push notifications.


yes 10


Did you upgrade your ucm6300 firmware as well ?


yes I did it


None has this same issue?


Dear user,

Thank you for using Wave Android appilcation! We cannot reproduce this issue with our device, could you kindly help to capture the logs and export the logs for us for troubleshooting? Btw, could you kindly let us know what is the mobile device in this case?

Thank you!


I have the same problem. In my testing, I have 3 phones (Huawei P30 Pro Android 10, Huawei Mate3 Android 9 and iPhone6 12.5.3). Both Androids I have set Wave to run in background. iPhone also set to Background App Refresh. After turning off the screen and “close” the app, all 3 de-registered from the UCM6302 ( after a while. Wave version is

And when I tried calling each other (after opening up caller’s Wave), the call wasn’t pushed thru except when the receiver is Android 10. I have checked the Notification settings - all are enabled. Only Android 10 device is supported?


My device is Xiaomi redmi note 8 Pro, but the problem is also in Smartphone of my client Samsung. Ucm 6301 with fw wave the issue happens after 1 minute or After 1 hour, so it doesn’t seem regular time, but it always happen
With GS wave all right instead.


UCM6302 (v1.0.7.9)
Ext10 - Huawei P30 Pro (Android 10) Wave
Ext11 - Huawei Mate 3 (Android 9) Wave
Ext12 - iPhone6 (12.5.3) Wave

3:17PM - Ext12 calls Ext10. Answered. No audio.
3:17PM - Ext12 calls Ext10 again. Answered. No audio.
3:18PM - Ext12 calls Ext11. No ringing at Ext11.
3:20PM - Ext12 calls Ext11 again. Acknowledgement “please wait while I connect your call” until system message “Ext 11 is not available”.
3:23PM - Ext11 calls Ext10. Call received. Working.
3:24PM - Ext12 calls Ext10. Call received. Working. Ext12Log.zip (67.5 KB)
Ext10Log.zip (77.2 KB)
Ext11Log.zip (142.7 KB)


I want to add that when all phones with Wave app open with screen on, no problem with the calls.