Wall Mounts


Does anyone make a typical vertical backplate for these? Or how do others mount these to the wall and what do you do about the cord, since standard ethernet plats get in the way



The stand doubles as a wallmount bracket.


You are correct, these are awful wall mounts. Essentially in an effort to simplify(in my opinion) made the worst wall mount imaginable.

First you must put the screws in the wall in the right place to mount the phone where you want. (test just the wall mount to be sure)

Then you attach the wall mount to the phone while it has NO cords of any kind plugged into the back of it as it is physically impossible to put it on otherwise (without potentially damaging something).

After the wall mount is attached to the phone, plug in the appropriate cords and hope you have enough room to attach the entire thing to the wall as the Ethernet cables protrude out farther than the depth of typical CAT 5e or CAT6 cables.

Alternatively you can make a wall plate out of something and screw it to the wall beforehand for extra depths.
You may want to practice this before actually performing this stunt in front of a live audience.



I was hoping you were my go-to guy on this. Seems like we could just fab something up and get it manufactured.

The other problem is that no one makes a flush ethernet box, so whatever plate you use is going to stick out a quarter inch. My first try at this I just poke the wire out of the wall. It makes a super nice presentation.

What does everyone else do?


I just don’t buy 16xx series anymore. The 17xx series is much better and They sell wall plates as needed.


The Cisco SPA300 / 500 series have wall mounts that are not flush, they had room for the cables at the back, however were very angled upwards (about 10-15 degrees) so the base of the phone was a good 2-3 inches off the wall).

The GXP21xx series also have wall mounts (that are not as angled as Cisco but are better), also angled upwards, maybe 5-10 degrees, again mostly to allow the cables to be plugged in. The GXP16xx as mentioned earlier appears to have the wall mount option used as the base stand, again its angled (for cables and aesthetics).

To get them super flush your will need to drill out the wall, i would think a special designed mount that could screw in to a 2 gang north american box would be possible, it could be something i “could” look at later in the year (i have another company that does design and CNC work that could do this). However the phone cradle tends to be an issue with all current VoIP phones when there vertical, the handsets are easy to knock off (i have tried it with the GXP21xx series).

If you would like to explore a custom bracket, feel free to contact me directly.


It seems to me that this would be a good application for 3D printing.



This is my ugly hack. I bought these nylon covers and then cut in the arc of the GXP Mount. Instead of jacks I just put an end on it.



These guys seem to have made an adapter that looks like it would work on most of the GXP phones: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TDh6uu1OaEU Not sure if they sell them separately from the phones.

Has anyone tried them?

This also seems like something one could 3d print.