VPN limitation



Am currently testing out the Beta and have successfully established a working Site-to-Site VPN (IPsec). While I understand the unit is still somewhat new and being developed, I noticed that the device is not (currently) capable of accommodating more than 1 VPN per WAN port.

While I understand that VPNs can be somewhat CPU intensive and possibly involve performance hits to NAT throughput or other. I am hopeful that GS will be able to accommodate more encapsulation/encryption types and especially the ability to accommodate more tunnels than 1 per WAN port.


I see the ability to support multiple tunnels as a critical feature for this “enterprise-grade” device.

This is especially true for being an OpenVPN Server to a network hosting remote access to a UCM.


Yeah i also agree. Should have the ability to do about 8-12 ipsec tunnels similar to netgear and cisco small business products, not even enterprise products.


There is no limit for VPN’s, but their number should take into consideration the total traffic load.


Unless they changed something recently.

I have an IPSec VPN installed and working. When I tired to set-up another, the device responded that only 1 VPN is allowed per WAN.


I have not tested that part yet, but I definitely lean on voting for “multiple IPSec VPNs”. There are multiple people and scenarios on the website about peering multiple UCMs, so limiting the router to just one should be something to improve on. I guess that’s why it’s called a “beta firmware”.


+1 I totally agree that it must be possible to create more than one tunnel per wan.