VPK's in "Account mode" require a line key for each account


We have a shared voicemail on a dummy extension. That extension is setup as Account 2 on the GXP phones that need it. They also have a voice mail VPK assigned to Account 2. This setup works perfectly when the phone is in “line mode”. The VPK and MWI both indicate presence of voicemail, and the VPK goes to the voicemail box as it should.
When the phone is in “account mode” none of the VPK’s setup for Account 2 work at all. This goes for voice mail and BLF keys. The only way to make them work is to add a line key for Account 2. We don’t want users making calls using Account 2, nor do we want to waste a key slot with it. Has anyone worked around this or is it a bug/feature?
Edit: Just realized I put this in the PBX category; moving to GXP21xx since it’s probably a phone bug.


It can be bug, fw version ?




I try check when i found some time.


Word from support is this is designed behavior. If there is line button only for account 1 and the phone is in line mode, pressing an account 2 button causes the account 1 line button to dynamically change to account 2 during the call. Account mode doesn’t do that. The support tech is forwarding my request to the engineers.


This is by design to keep accounts separate from each other.

Is there a reason you need to use account 2 over account 1?
(I do not mean Line 2)
Line 2 or 3 or 4 or etc can all be still set to account 1


Yes. Because there is no way to monitor a group mailbox or ringroup mailbox, we use a dummy extension for voicemail for calls to the main office number. We want that mailbox monitored by all of the front office staff.
I think you are misreading the problem. I do NOT want multiple line buttons. I don’t want to waste VPK’s on Line 2 or 3 or 4. I want a single line button assigned to Account 1. I don’t want any line buttons assigned to account 2, because I don’t want the front office staff accidentally calling out on that dummy extension.
As I said, this all works perfectly in Line Mode. No line button is required for Account 2, the Account 2 voicemail button just magically works. But in Line Mode a line button is required for each call appearance. I don’t want to waste 3 buttons to provide all 4 needed call appearances; I want only one line button. Account Mode stacks the call appearances on one line button, just as Polycom has done for years. Unfortunately in Account Mode the Account 2 voicemail is broken unless I add a line button for Account 2. Again, not required in Line Mode.
I believe this is a coding mistake probably due to programmers working on Account Mode not being the same programmers who wrote the original line mode.