Voucher duration



pls have the maximum voucher duration from 7 days 356 days or more.


Hi, alexxx,

Do you mean the voucher “duration” or “validity time”?
Duration is the total connection time each voucher can use, and the validity time defines when vouchers are going to expire.

Duration max is 7 days, while validity time max is 365 days.




I second that!

Duration should be op to 365 days. In some cases a landlord could rent out an apartment including wifi and here a long duration is key.

A validity time of 2-3 years would also be great in some cases. Think of a camping-site where not all vouchers are sold within a summer season, and the camping-site would “re-use” the already printed vouchers the next season.


That’s very good point. I can see now why we can need longer time.
But this need to be added in GS portal as enhancement, GS usually do not take request from forum. More people request then higher status it can get.