Volume control seems to be missing


I am not seeing that there is anyway to set the volume control of the speaker. I see where you can set the unit for “large” or “small” room, however, most other units that we have used/installed have a volume setting for the speaker.


Yes I can confirm that there is no volume. Pretty loud for my small office.


In addition to a manual volume, and auto gain mode would be nice, to automatically try and adjust to the same audibility in environments that can be both quiet and loud at various times.


Dear alatarus,

Thanks for bringing this up. Please kindly see below reply:

  1. If we use GSC3510 as a SIP caller, we can adjust the sound volume during the call, also the last adjusted sound will be saved before the next call.

  2. If we use GSC3510 as a speaker, the volume can be adjusted on the Master device.

Kindly let us know if that help.

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Not quite sure I am grasping this:

2.If we use GSC3510 as a speaker, the volume can be adjusted on the Master device

Can you elaborate on this?



What we meant is that, there is master and slave relationship when the GSC3510 using bluetooth connection.

If we use GSC3510 as an output speaker from a bluetooth device, the volume need to be adjusted from the bluetooth device that act as a Master device. Our GSC3510 will be the slave device.

I hope that will clear your confusion.



I really wasn’t talking about “BLUETOOTH CONNECTIONS” here. I am speaking of controlling the volume of the speaker during SIP calls and MULTICAST CALLS.

We DEFINITELY need a way to control the volume of the speaker during calls/pages. Every other device that we use has the capability of controlling the volume (even analog speakers have a manual volume control)


That worked for me but agree an easier method of setting volume changes would be a handy option


Hi guys,

We need your help to improve and to add the Global Volume Adjustment on GSC3510.

We would like to know is there any product in the same market as GSC3510 (Multicast/Paging Device Only) that supported Global Volume Adjustment?? We would like to investigate how to implement it correctly to our GSC3510. Your help will be much appreciate it! :smiley:



The VALCOM IP units we have used have a volume control in software, also the ALGO units do also.

I think CYBERDATA do as well, but not as familiar with them…

These are all SPEAKER units (with handsfree answerback)


Search Amazon. You’ll find Algo does, Valcom does, and so do other things from China that are probably Algo units under their covers.



We have added a volume control settings on the latest firmware v.

There will be 3 types of volume control:

  1. Call Volume (Set the volume of the GSC3510 speaker before initiating the call)
  2. Ringtone Volume (A ringtone will ring when GSC3510 boot up)
  3. Media Volume (Senor Linkage)

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How do we get the updated firmware?

I am not seeing it available anywhere…


Sorry, I see the post in the forum with the links…

I was looking in all the normal spots and didn’t see the post…



I have upgraded my BETA unit, and maybe I am blind, however, I am not seeing any volume settings in the WEB GUI


Did you clear your browser cache?


Yes, however, I was missing the VOLUME tab under preferences…



The volume settings will be under System Settings -> Preferences -> Volume Settings.

Make sure your device is upgraded to firmware v.

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Yes, I have it now. For some reason I wasn’t seeing the “VOLUME SETTING” tab under preferences…

I will test the new firmware and post results.