Voiply Message Waiting Indicator


I just switched over to Voiply from Vonage. I no longer get the message waiting light and display message on my Panasonic cordless phone. Do I need to make a change on my Panasonic or on the Voiply Grandstream 801 adapter


try changing the settings that are inherent to the “MWI” and voicemail


Are you talking about the 801 adapter or cordless phone?


I think you need to contact Voiply.

They indicate on their website -
“Please be sure to disable your answering machine if your phone has one, the Voiply Home service routes all voicemail to the email setup on your extension”.

This implies that they do not support voice mail in a traditional sense nor the indication (MWI) of same.

It also appears to me that Voiply is the one that provides the ATA and its configuration.