Voip Trunk Videotron


Hi try to configure my new Voip provider , i can’t figure out why i cant registed .

The Compagnie Videotron says i need to put a ip adress to resolve a domaine name address like the host file in Windows ??

This is a screenshot from the Ucm and the information which was given by Videotron.

Thanks for your help everyone



First, why is the trunk disabled?

Second, copy the username and paste into the AuthID as well.
Third, I did not see a password, but I assume you have one and entered it into the password field.

Finally, do they have a SBC on site and is that what the UCM will be communicating with? If so, do you know the IP and have you set a local DNS entry to direct the UCM to the SBC upon resolving the FQDN?


ok i found the issue , i need to put a proxy address , now good new ,the oubound works .

Now the issue is the inbound .

When i make a inbound call the pbx answer me [ your not autorize to dial this number ]

I am sure a have the good DID number .

Why the pbx block me ?? , y also try to check Allow Guest Calls, in sip settint


get rid of the leading 1 in the DID. The provider is not sending it and the 404 error is a not found.