Voip Over Wifi


Hi, I’m trying deploy a VOIP over WiFi, we have a room with 36 x 26 meters, 936 square meters. We pretend to install 250 GRP-2612W and 3 GWN-7630 AP’s; the AP’s will have computers as wifi clients; this system will be use for a call center, do you consider that is enought AP’s? Or how many do you recommend me?


the tests must always be done in the field, it cannot be estimated by eye, in any case I believe 3 are enough (consider the range of action that GS declares for the Product you choose) in any case keep in mind one important thing, internal QoS (and of course external QoS), or you will have intermittent audio.

also if the A.P. are too close the risk is that the handover does not work properly


All up how many wifi enabled devices will need to interact with the 3 x wifis at any one time?

Please remember you need to specify if you use 5GHz or 2.4GHz radios - there are impacts that can occur.

250 x Clients and perhaps the same with PC’s or mobile phones will cause a lot of collisions and given that a minimum dhcp pool of a /23 subnet will be needed to ensure that you have enough IP’s and also I would make the DHCP lease time around 8 hours or so to ensure that no one walks off site and takes the IP for all day when it can be released and used again after 4 hours.

Noise and other issues will become apparent when you saturate the area with radios (a term for a WiFi device)

I personally would talk with the GS Engineers / Distributor in your country to ensure that you can do what is needed.


  • Configure your GRP-2612W to use 5 GHz, only
  • Get more GWN7630, e.g. 6 and disable 2.4GHz on 3 of them.
  • You can use up to 9x different 40 MHz channels. Set them manually on your access points