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I have several clients that are expressing desire (making a bit of noise actually) for Voicemail to Email transcription. This is a feature their previous cloud based providers offered and they really want the option of VM to EM with a .WAV file or a text transcript.

I wouldn’t bring this up but, several are asking for it.

Thanks in advance.


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Automatic speech-to-text capabilities will likely never be in a UCM device. Your best bet (and what our customers do) is pay for a transcription service. The voicemail email address goes to the unique transcription email address that belongs to the subscriber, someone gets paid to transcribe it, and the email (and original attachment) then go to the intended recipient.

It’s not easy, and it costs something more, but it works great.


Technology that is available on a device as simple as a IOS or android cellphone.


I’m not sure I see your point. Speech to text capabilities of most mobile phones rely on data connections to cloud-based servers to perform the work. That’s why there’s a delay when you talk to Siri or Cortana. While one might say “but a UCM is always connected to the Internet and could do the same thing,” it may not be. It might be on a private network with no Internet connectivity, or a firewall may prevent such connections.

Plus, I don’t see a day where your mobile phone will act as a multi-user PBX for FXS-based phones utilizing FXO-based phone lines, so the comparison is apples to oranges, at best.


Technology that is available on a device as simple as a IOS or android cellphone.[/quote]

Actually, it’s not available on an ios or android device… Apple and Google use large server farms and learning AI systems to do it and then send it back to your phone. I don’t really see a small device like a UCM doing it with an acceptable level of accuracy any time soon.

Maybe if they hooked up with another supplier but that would likely create a monthly service charge which defeats much of the purpose of going with a UCM.

EDT: google does offer an api and it might be worth it for some if the integration was available. https://cloud.google.com/speech/


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If Grandstream used LAME for VM rather than wav it would likely be easy to use the Google api.


If grandstream had pre/post call processing hooks, you could do it all that way.

You could also do it with procmail and mail forwarding rules.

Or a paid service.

Or any of a number of things, but all of that would be outside of the UCM itself.


DarkStarMedia - If Grandstream used LAME for VM rather than wav it would likely be easy to use the Google api.

Indeed, just having an MP3 (instead of the nightmarishly compressed wave) would satisfy many of the users.


So Its a year later.
I took the advice of SmartVox and had my clients purchase a transcription service. It works but gets expensive when they have 50 or more users.
At least they are getting what they asked for.


Glad your customers are getting what they want. That’s the most important part, right? Are you paying for it or are you passing those costs on to your customers? Offering transcription services, even at a premium, is a great way to differentiate your service from everyone else’s.


What transcription service are you using? Much API like Google. Azure or AWS doesn’t cost that much.


They are using Nexiwave. $5 per user per month.
How does Azure or AWS work? Not familiar with either of these for text transcription


I am using Skyetel.com. Very good price, it works great with the UCM 6204; sends the original .wav file and a text file to the email.
Cost is .10 per transcribed vm. Rep told me that with all their customers, the avg company with 50 users is about $25-30 a month. For the convenience of reading the vm quickly, it’s worth it. They are extremely pleasant and customer-centric there. Ask for Chris “President and Lord of the Rings” . PS: I’m just your avg IT Mgr. trying to make my users happy. And this is one thing that does. Hope this helps someone else.


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