Voicemail to email just quit working


Good afternoon.

I have a 6202 where the voicemail to email feature has been working fine for a month or better after initial setup. Then yesterday it just quit sending them out. I checked the email log on the UCM and there were no attempted emails to correspond with messages left. (I checked this first because I figured that the UCM was sending them but that gmail was blocking them for security reasons.)

So I rebooted the UCM and it started working again. But now the client is nervous because they have to know in real time if they get a voice message if they’re not in the office.

Is this a known issue? Anything I can do to avoid this happening again?

I’m on firmware version

Thanks in advance,



You can set up a report like a CDR log or a system event that happens regularly to be emailed to you. If you ever don’t get your timed email you know something is wrong.

Having said that, I have not had any email issues thus far on over a dozen systems using


Yeah, neither have I. I only have a handful of systems on this firmware build, but I’ve not had this happen before.

You’re idea is a very good one - at least I’d know that it wasn’t sending emails out.




Hi mbrenneman,

We have successfully deployed a UCM6208 (V 1.0.17). We have email-to-voicemail enabled, and has been working for about 1 week. Suddenly they stopped (including system event messages). To get the functionality back, we make a small change to something on the system and click APPLY (which re-initializes some of the modules). Email function begins to work, and then stops several hours later.

We have yet to do a full reboot on the system, and will schedule on soon.

But just wondering if you were able to determine a cause or a permanent solution to your issue.



I would start your own post for this. Let us know if the issue continues after the reboot.



I did as lstutesman suggested above. After a reboot I have not had a recurrence of the original problem. But I do get a CDR every day by email at 6pm on the dot!


I have experienced this same issue and it’s extremely frustrating. There are other posts where others have had the same issue. Please be sure to create a ticket with support, they need to adjust their process for sending voicemail and not remove voicemail from the system until it’s successfully sent.


I rebooted the UCM (not soft reboot, but hard reboot by doing a power down and then starting up again), and the issue has not occurred again. It’s been working well for 4 days now. I’ll post back in case the problem resurfaces, but for now, the hard reboot may have resolved the issue.