Voicemail Missed LED on DP750/720


I don’t see a way to make the LED blink only for waiting voicemail. I could care less about missed calls. The current set-up does not seem to make any distinction between the two. Is there a solution? Could a firmware update accomplish such a change?

I am on VOIPo. With my previous set-up, using a Panasonic Wireless Answering system through an Obi Hai adapter, the yellow led on blinked with voicemail waiting. I would love to have that feature back!


Can someone please address my question? I don’t find an answer in the product literature about this issue. On my DP750/720 set up, any missed call causes the green led to flash. If there is supposed to be a VM indication, I don’t get one. I made a similar inquiry on the DSLReports VOIP technical forum. One DP750/720 user answered by saying his units flash red for VM and that a waiting VM overrides the MC led. I would be so pleased to activate that feature, but I can’t find any settinng on the DP750 that speaks to it. My VM works fine, other than the lack of any VM waiting led indication. I have asked my provider, VOIPo, for an answer, but they tell me they don’t support these Grandstream products. Every other known feature seems to be working just fine.


I do not have this model in service yet; next week. However, in reading the admin manual, which is correlated to the most current firmware release, the LED indication appears to be multi-functional in that it blinks for both missed calls and VM and there does not appear to be a way to set for one or the other, However, the documentation does indicate that there is an icon that will appear on the display to indicate one or the other or both.

Sorry I could not be more help, I can only suggest to review the admin manual to see the the icon style ot see if perhaps it does show.


Thank you. I am not disputing what you say, and the behavior you describe for the LED is consistent with observations with my own DP720/750 set up. But I have had another user tell me that his LED blinks red for a VM and overrides the green blinking LED for missed calls.

I have never seen an icon on the screen for VM waiting, and I suspect that some configuration changes may be needed for my 720.

Another user has advised me to Disable Visual MWI to No which is the default value, and if it’s already set to No, try SUBSCRIBE for MWI to Yes. The default is No.

I am told those settings are provider dependant, and that his provider needed those settings to be tweaked

My provider is VOIPo, and their tech support told me that they do not support the DP 720/750 devices.


I tried the changes suggested above, but to no avail. I am running FW

I have no Voicemail waiting LED activity (if such is built into the design) and no Voicemail waiting icon on the screen of the 720.

I could have 50 new voicemails waiting, but no indication of such. There has got to be a solution to this issue, but I have not found it.