Voicemail light on phones when using SCA


I’m trying out SCA for use in residential environments (where people expect voicemail to be on the “line” not on the “extension”), and it looks like when I dial *97 from the private number extension it dials the shared number voicemail which is great, but the voicemail page on the phone (GXP2170) shows 0/0 for the messages, and the voicemail waiting light doesn’t come on.

Is there a way to fix this?



I am not sure I follow your explanation of being on the line and not the extension. However, are we to assume that a VM was actually left in your testing? You didn’t say; only that you dialed it.


Residential customers expect that they have one voicemail for all phones like with PSTN - they want to be able to pick up a voicemail from any phone from a single voicemail mailbox

Yes, I left a message, and I can retrieve it using *97, but the message waiting light on the phone does not light up, nor does the voicemail account selector page show any messages (the page that appears when you press the voicemail button on the phone).


OK, now I understand the desire. I do not use SCA, but you might take a look in the phone GUI and in the account section and SIP settings, there is a setting for subscribe for MWI. You might enable it and see if this helps.

I profess to be ignorant about the SCA function as I use multi-tenant for such instances, which is not supported with the UCM. Marcin, another contributor to the forum, knows more about it.