Voicemail Issue UCM6202


Yes, I get the “Welcome” prompt, press 1 and the 1005 extension will ring.

I have done the PSTN Detection in the trunk, which set it to Custom, but then set the Tone Country to United Kingdom, same result either way.

I also did the ACIM Detection in the FXO section of the Interface Settings.

I have another phone somewhere, I’ll plug that into the other analog line and test and report back.

Thanks very much for your help with this :slight_smile:


NO problem, there are a number of folks on the forum from the UK, and they may be able to shed some light on it more so that I. I tend to think a DTMF issue as clearly you hit the IVR and the only thing you can do in the meantime is try and direct the call from the trunk directly to the SIP extension you created and see. Then try the FXS and let it ring till timeout.


Don’t forget to call the provider. Many POTS services have timeouts o. Their equipment.


Hi Mr. Dorian,

Maybe you can use the two methods below :

  1. You can configure “call forward no answer” in your extension. Please see the image below :

For your analog phone (Panasonic), you can use the steps (image shown above) but you have to fill voicemail group extension number manually (you have to make voicemail group first) or extension number into the “call forward no answer” box, please see image below :

  1. If the first method above failed then you can try this method but I don’t recommend this method because this method could make you unsatisfied (the voice recording). Please see the image below to see the method :

And don’t forget to click apply for your configuration

I hope one of the two methods above can solve your problem


The provider should not be the issue, the call was answered by the IVR, he heard the announcement. But you did give me another idea, which may help better understand the issue.

  1. As suggested, take the call directly to an extension without using the IVR and see if the phone rings, times-out and then VM.
  2. Take the call directly to the VM of the extension and see.
  3. Take the call to the IVR, but set the no entry time out such that when reached the destination is the VM of the extension. However, once the call is answered by the UCM, input any valid numbers to extensions or other and see if the IVR responds to the DTMF. If it does not respond to the DTMF, then it should time out and send you to the VM of the extension directly.


There shouldn’t be an issue with the provider however I have seen issues with POTS lines in the UK when there’s broadband on the line especially when the line goes through more then 4 joints and/or is longer then 2km.
Having said that the process of sending the call directly to the extension is the best way to start removing the IVR from the process.