Voicemail Issue UCM6202


Hey guys, I’m brand new here, and brand new to PBX’s in general, but come from a networking background.

I am having some issues with my UCM6202 and the voicemail feature.

When calling internally, say from extension 1004 to 1005, and the call is not answered, the call goes to voicemail as expected.

However, if an external call comes in via one of the analog trunks, the call gets dropped if not answered, I get a message saying “The number you have dialed is not answering, please try again later”

This happens if I have calls coming in on an analog trunk to an IVR, and then the IVR dials an extension, or if I have a certain number dial in via the analog trunk and direct to an extension, 1005 in this case.

Am I missing something simple here? Thanks


Did you record a custom greet and upload same to the system?


Hi, no, I have not recorded any custom greetings. Do I have to do this to get it to work?


No, the system has a default set of greetings that will play unless you have replaced them with a recording using the handset or uploaded one. The default is fine while testing and setting up.

The reason I asked is because the system expects to have a recording in a given format and if incorrect, it may cause the issues you see. As you did not create and upload one, this does seem to be the issue.

So, we start from the beginning -
What firmware is in the PBX.
Is there a phone connected to the test extension and if so, what make, model and firmware?
Is there a timeout associated to the extension, such that if a phone is connected it will ring for a certain period of time before going to VM? I assume so with the comment “if not answered”.
The calls coming into the IVR, do I assume you hear the message prompt you created, that dial extensions is enabled, that you dial the extension or press the key for the extension, that the phone rings and then gets the messages about not answering?


Thanks for your help.

Yes, exactly this.

PBX is running
Currently I only have a normal (non SIP/VoIP) Panasonic phone plugged into the FXS2 port, I am awaiting delivery of three DP730 handsets and a DP752 DECT Base Station. I also have an Android phone with the GS Wave App installed and currently connected fine to the UCM over the network.

In the IVR I have set Key Press Event 1 as extension 1005. Extension 1005 has been set up on the FXS2 port. Ring Timeout is set to 20 on the 1005 extension.

When I dial the analog trunk from my mobile phone, the IVR answers as expected, if I press Option 1, the 1005 extension will ring as expected, but if I dont answer 1005, I get the “The number you have dialed is not answering, please try again later” message.


Record a “Temporary Greeting” this will solve your problem if you want the vm to answer.


OK, so let’s try this.

Create a SIP extension and direct the IVR to that and see what happens. You can simply create it without changing any of the default settings as VM will be enabled. When you call in and request that extension or key press to same, the call should go directly to VM as there will be no physical phone connected.


Just tried this, and get the following message.

“Your call cannot be completed as dialed, please check your device”


Dial the extension you created from the analog phone and see. You did click on apply afterwards? Also, it may take some 30 to 60 seconds following a change for the change to become effective as the UCM has to reload its configuration. So, if you did hit apply, try again first and see.


If I dial 1006 (new SIP Extension) from 1005 (analog phone), it goes straight to the VM.

I am missing something simple, I feel it!


OK, so we know dialing from extension to extension works, and as a result, we also know VM works.

So, now forget about the IVR. How many analog trunks are there? If more than one, are they set to rollover at the provider if the primary is busy such that the provider will roll it to the second?


I only currently have one of the Analog Trunks setup on the FXO2 port. The other trunk is neither physically connected or setup in the UCM.


OK, show a screenshot of the trunk setup and inbound route pages.



And the IVR now.



OK, take a look at the CDR records and see if you can find the call and more specifically if they went to the destination as you dialed them?.


I cleared the log and than made the call to the IVR via the Analog Trunk using my mobile,

Here is the result;


This is what an internal call looks like in the CDR


Yes, it is getting to the IVR and I am guessing that the DTMF tones are not being recognized.

I assume you hear the IVR and input the number of the extension and then get the message?

Do you have a landline or other you can test from and did you run the PSTN test in the trunk and interface sections and set the interface for the FXO and FXS to UK or Great Britain?