Voicemail indicator across 18 to 20 phones


Simply put, there is no solution unless there is a way to break the tie to the extension on the handset and be able to subscribe to a mailbox (other than the extension’s and/or in addition to the extension’s own mailbox) such that it will cause the MWI on the handset to light-up.

Of course, the user of the handset would not know which extension is telling the handset has VM, so they would have to check all and do so until the MWI goes off.

Without BLF or using group VM, I am not aware of a method.


Me too.


I assume the client wants any one of the devices subscribed to the common mailbox to be able to delete same whereby if one deletes, it is deleted for all?


The client wants to see an MWI on all the phones, get the VM from any phone, and then delete it once.


Ahh, well, nice thought.


@drostoker Re Wallboard…

I was thinking of a wallboard for an office environment for call queues and displaying call flow / vm / abandon - answer rates for an office situation.

I dont recall that you said this was for a House environment… but as I was indicating previously, a way for displaying a light in multiple areas is needed in this regard to suit not only your situation but perhaps hearing impaired whereby the light flashes for an incoming call and stays on for a vm left.