Voicemail How to remote deafult message after uploading a recording username prompt from UCM


Hello everyone,

We have a client that has just made recordings for all his extensions by a professional studio and send them to us in order to alter many recordings.But we are dealing with a very big issue when we upload the username prompts and hear the message we hear our recording but we also hear the default grandstream message after that which we do not want to hear like “our recording” and then “is unavailable please leave your message”.

We have not found a way to disable this from the ucm at all. What we have only found is that the only option is to do the recordings on from the voicemail prompt after we press “0” and record all our messages but we cannot do this for this client since he has his own recordings.

How do we disable to the default message without having to re-record messages which the client will not accept either from the UCM gui or from somewhere else.

Please advise since i am cannot find any settings either in the manual or somewhere else



read this:



Hello @damiano70

i will check it out and get back to you



Actually upload them as a temporary message to that extensions voicemail box and that is all that is needed.


Hello @scottsip

This is probably what i need i will test it and let you know.



@scottsip This was the solution to my problem thank you very much


Your welcome…